Our Carrack.co.za guarantee will cover any defects or damage affecting your Rack. Even damage caused by normal wear and tear or the natural discolouration of materials for 1 year from the date of purchase by the original purchaser. The Carrack.co.za guarantee gives you specific legal rights. It does not affect any statutory rights that you have as a purchaser of a defective product.

Carrack.co.za reserves the right to: - Repair the item falling under the terms of the carrack.co.za Rack Guarantee or replace the item if the damage or defect cannot be repaired or offer a similar product of comparable value or refund the price paid, if we cannot replace with the same model. The Carrack.co.za Bike Rack Guarantee does not cover defects resulting from condition`s beyond Carrack.co.za Products` control. These include, but are not limited to, misuse, overloading, or from failure to assemble mount or use the product or its accessory in accordance with the Carrack.co.za Products written instructions, guidelines and safety text. Nor does it cover damage to the user`s vehicle, electronic devices, cargo, or to any other person or property. The purchaser will be responsible for the cost of returning the component(s)/ product(s) and the proof of purchase back to the place where the product was purchased.

How to report a warranty?

Please return your product with filled out claims forms along with proof of purchase to the Carrack.co.za Products Head office. Your claim will be evaluated and, in most cases, handled at the head office. Should further inspection be required one of our technicians will assess your product.

STEP 1: Fill out claim forms

STEP 2: Send product and documentation to Carrack.co.za Products Head office (Address provided on our website)

STEP 3: Carrack.co.za Products Customer Services Agent will process claim and advise of decision.