Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get in touch with your team?

We’re always here at the backend for our worthy customers, send an email to and you’ll get the reply in the shortest time possible.

Which products do we offer?

We offer a range of different products such as:

  • Car Mounted Racks
  • Outdoor Canopies
  • Vehicle recovery tools
  • Trailer covers
  • Trending products
  • Covid smart products


Do we offer any warranty?

Yes, we do. Our guarantee will cover any defects or damage affecting your Rack.

To see more information regarding our warranty, check our warranty page.

What is your quality of your products like?

Here at Carrack, we never compromise over the quality of our product. We use the highest grade Aluminum and we also carry out a range of stringent tests to ensure the quality of our products is suitable for the local market.

How do I place an order at Carrack?

Here’s how you can place an order at Carrack.

  • Choose the product that you want to buy from Carrack and add it to the cart
  • Continue shopping and after that, proceed to the checkout page from the cart.
  • Now, enter some of the basic personal information such as shipping details.
  • Choose your delivery as well as a payment method and enter the billing What are available payment methods?

To make this purchase easier and safe, we accept both Visa and MasterCard here at Carrack.

Does my information remain safe at Carrack?

The information that we collect from our customers is only used to improve the user experience at Carrack. And, our online store is protected by SSL encryption certification, so you wouldn’t have to worry about any of our personal information.


What is the maximum weight our racks can carry?

Our maximum load on our rack is 90-kg. so you wouldn’t have to worry about the weight of your load unless it exceed this weight.

How long does it take to install the rack?

Installation of our car racks is very simple. With the right tools an installation will take less than 5 minutes. The process is relatively simple and can be done by a single person.

Will the car rack keep my luggage safe?

Yes, the Anti-theft locking system and the durable material of our car rack will keep your luggage safe from any possible damage and theft.

Will these racks fit a 2 door car?

No, our car racks can only be mount on 4-door cars. The front rack is mounted at the space (roof) between the front two doors while the back car rack is mounted between the back doors.

Will these racks fit on a single cab bakkie?

No, these car racks will fit only on Double Cab bakkies with 4-doors.

Will I be able to mount my bike rack onto this category of racks?

Yes, one can easily mount any of the accessories onto these car racks. But make sure, that the U-bolt must be 80mm wide to fit our First generation Wing Bars or 50mm to fit our First Generation Smart Bar.

Do Peruzzo Bike racks fit on the car roof?

No, our Peruzzo bike racks cannot be fit on the car roof since they are tow ball mounted bike racks and a vehicle must have to tow ball fitted. The Siena range secures onto the tow ball with a bolt while the Parma and Pure Instinct range secure with a lever that can lock onto the tow ball.

Can your canopies withstand in high-winds?

Yes, our canopies are made up of durable material and perfectly designed to withstand strong winds or any heavy weather. This means that driving at speeds will not be affected.

How long does it take to manufacture my trail cover?

We take around 2 weeks to process and manufacture the trail covers. Make sure that you’ve taken the measurement carefully.

Does Carrack have offices in Cape Town or Durban?

No, is an online store based in Bedfordview in Johannesburg. We offer free shipping on all of our products to all across South Africa. We gladly assist Gauteng based customers who wish to visit our offices to view the products or get personal guidance on a solution to suit their specific needs.


Do we really offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping on all of our products across South Africa.

How long does it take to deliver the order?

Delivery within South Africa usually takes 3-5 business days

Delivery to neighbouring states can take between 2-3 weeks

Why my order is late?

Our utmost priority is to deliver your order within the promised delivery timelines. But, in the current pandemic situation, the normal delivery can be affected therefore you might have to face slight delays.

Do we ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship our products all over the world. Make sure that you’ve entered the right shipping address so that you wouldn’t have to face any delays in the delivery.


I’ve received a damaged, faulty or wrong product, can I make a return request?

Yes, we offer a return policy so that our customer stay satisfied with their purchase. Your return request will be approved in the following conditions.

  • You’ve received a damaged, defective product or a wrong product
  • The item must be sent us back in original packaging.
  • It must be in an unused and original condition.


How long does it take to process my return request?

It depends on how long it takes to send the item back to us. Normally, it takes 5-10 business days to process your return request.

Can I cancel the order and get a refund?

Yes, but you need to cancel the order before dispatch. Once the order is dispatched, you cannot cancel the order.