What racks will fit my car?

Your choice of racks will depend on the type of car and the roof it has. Most SUVs are factory fitted with side roof rails that run from the front of the vehicles to the back on the left and right hand side of the vehicle. These may be raised roof rails or flush-mount roof rails. These rails are specifically designed for car roof bars (racks) to mount onto. Racks that fit onto these rails are known as Universal Racks. There are a few factory fitted rails are too wide or too thick to accommodate these universal mounting brackets.

Some older vehicles have rain gutters and a specific type of rack can secure onto these gutters.

Many vehicles have a factory fitted facility to bolt racks directly onto the roof. These are normally found below a 'flap' on the strips on the vehicle roof. These racks are normally only available directly from vehicle dealerships and may be expensive.

By far the majority of vehicles have limited or no facility to mount roof bars on (smooth roof) so a specially designed rack is required to fulfill this need. One of these is a door-cavity mount rack. This rack has brackets that hook into the door cavity and are secured in place with an Allen key and then locked in place with a key. These racks are able to fit most small sedans.


It is the drivers responsibility to always check and ensure that any racks and loads on racks are properly and safely secured before any journey is undertaken.

How does a car roof box mount on my car?

Car roof boxes need to be tightly secured to a vehicle via roof rails or roof racks. Due to the varying sizes of many makes and models of vehicles, roof racks are often secured to a vehicle and the car roof box is then bolted to the racks via U-Bolts.