An Overview Of The Types Of Car Racks We Sell

An Overview Of The Types Of Car Racks We Sell

CarRack sells a wide range of premium quality car racks that are suitable for most cars, SUV’s, 4 x 4’s and double-cab bakkies.

If you love exploring new and exciting places, camping, fishing or hitting the road with your vehicle, you will understand that space is always at a premium inside the car. This is especially true if you have bulky camping equipment, fishing gear or luggage to transport.

The good news is that CarRack has you covered in terms of car racks!

First Generation Aluminum Car Racks

Our range of first-generation aluminum car racks feature top grade metal and a lockable universal fit. These are ideal if you have an SUV or a vehicle with factory-fitted side roof rails.

These car racks are easy to install and have an anti-theft locking system with a maximum load of 90kg: perfect for those camping trips or holidays to the coast!

Luggage Racks and Baskets

With CarRack luggage racks and baskets, you no longer have to struggle to fit your luggage into your boot and car!

Travel comfortably and carry your luggage on your vehicle’s roof with our popular luggage baskets and racks. These products are easy to install and can mount onto most crossbars. They feature an excellent locking system and can carry a maximum load of 90 kg.

Roof Bar Racks for Sedans

Looking for an inexpensive option to carry your gear on top of your car? Look no further than our door cavity mount roof bar racks which can be installed within minutes and allow you to carry your surplus items.

Fishing rod and Ski Racks

Fishing enthusiasts often struggle to fit their rods and gear into their vehicles. Before your next fishing trip, why not install one of our fishing racks onto your vehicle and make your journey seamless and easy?

Kayak and Canoe Carriers

If you are still struggling to transport your kayaks or canoes by tying them onto your vehicle or trailer with rope, make your life easier by investing in an affordable and high quality kayak and canoe carrier that you can install in a matter of minutes!

Car Roof Boxes

CarRack car roof boxes come in either 320L, 400L, 600L and 650L capacity. With a dual opening feature and simple installation option, they come in either black or white and can easily accommodate your luggage and gear on your next adventure.

Tow-Ball Bike Racks

Transporting your bikes can be incredibly difficult if you don’t have the correct equipment.

Our range of Peruzzo tow-ball bike racks are mounted on the rear of your vehicle and can carry 2, 3 or 4 bikes safely and comfortably. They also boast an anti-theft bike lock and are very easy to install on your vehicle.

Aluminum Roof Racks

Does your car have no side rails or gutters? The good news is that CarRack aluminum roof racks can fit practically any sedan and provide a great solution to your space issues!