When Is A Luggage Rack, A Better Option For Traveling?

luggage rack for travelling

Thinking about your next holiday or weekend away? Did you know that a luggage rack is a great investment for those who regularly enjoy getting away for a bit?

Luggage racks are inexpensive and can free up a lot of space inside your car, making your journey much more comfortable and pleasant.

Here at CarRack, we sell a wide range of premium quality luggage racks and below is our guide to choosing the best type of luggage rack for your needs.

What Is A Luggage Rack?


A luggage rack is secured to the top of your vehicle and can be used for additional storage space.

It can carry bulky items, such as suitcases, cooler boxes, canoes and boxes.

As long as you secure your items correctly to the luggage rack, it will safely and stably transport your items.

What To Consider When Buying A Luggage Rack?


Before buying a luggage rack, you will need to consider a few facts:

  • the model, size and make of your car
  • how lightweight you want your luggage rack to be
  • the amount of gear you plan on carrying on the luggage rack (i.e. the maximum volume and weight)
  • whether or not you want a lockable luggage rack
  • your budget

Bear in mind that the more lightweight and aerodynamic your luggage rack is, the less fuel you will use.

It is also a good idea to look at pictures of potential luggage racks. Many car owners like to select a luggage rack that they know would look good on their car and even enhance it.

If you need additional advice, feel free to contact a member of the CarRack team here as we would be delighted to assist.

Are Luggage Racks Easy To Fit?


Luggage racks are really quite easy to fit and your luggage rack will come with clear instructions on how to fit them to your car. There is no guesswork involved!

It shouldn’t take you long to install at all and the process is quicker if you have someone helping you. 

What’s The Difference Between A Luggage Rack And A Car Roof Box?

A luggage rack, as the name suggests, looks like a rack that is fitted to the top of your car. It does not provide a cover for your gear and if you do not use a waterproof covering or tarpaulin, your luggage may get wet when it rains and exposed to other natural elements.

A car box fits to the top of your car and protects your items from the rain, wind and sun. No additional tarpaulin, rope or covering is needed when you have a car box and some people find that a car roof box is therefore more convenient.

What Types Of Vehicles Will Luggage Racks Fit?


Luggage racks will fit practically all modern vehicles and there are models available for older cars.

When browsing luggage racks, it is a good idea to filter by car type to see which ones are available for your vehicle.

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